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1 year ago

FINAL: 64-63 – The Cardinals Fall and Suffer Back-To-Back OT Losses

By Danny Torres ‘84


BRONX – On December 23, the Cardinals suffered their first “AA” loss of the 2018-2019 season in a heartbreaking 97-94 triple overtime loss. And yet Coach Lods would certainly agree it was still a winnable game. But, he also wanted to turn the page and head into the New Year focused on the remaining games of the regular season.


For those in attendance at this highly-anticipated Hayes-Christ the King matchup, die-hard fans who follow both teams would honestly agree on one thing:


The officiating was absolutely atrocious. The referees stunk. But if the Cardinals had made a few crucial plays in overtime, their undefeated record would have remained unblemished.


Starting the New Year, the Cardinals traveled to Ravens County (St. Raymond) and entered Friday afternoon’s game with their lone blemish of the season.


But, the Cardinals (7-2, 8-2) couldn’t shake off the mistakes from the previous triple-overtime game against Christ the King and it showed in the first half against the St. Raymond (4-2,7-4).


Missed shots –check. Miscues- check. No rebounds- check. No defense –check.


At the conclusion of the first half, the Ravens would be up 30-20. With a ten-point deficit and the Cardinals only scoring 20 points was quite troubling. This was truly a head-scratcher for Coach Lods and a “hands on hips” moment to rally his lethargic team in the locker room.


Entering the second half, Hayes showed a fiery side with a big 22-8 third-quarter run against the Ravens to push the Cardinals ahead by a score of 42-38.


Entering the fourth quarter, Hayes would make baskets (including Jaylen Murray '20 who finished the game with 18 points) but the Ravens continued to play tough and didn’t falter in the remaining minutes of the game.


Although Iowa commit Joe Toussaint '19 ended the game with 21 points (including a last-second 3-point basket to push the game into overtime), the Cardinals simply couldn’t “seal the deal.”


Even with another last-chance jumper in overtime by Toussaint, Hayes walked off the court to another disappointing 64-63 loss to start the New Year.


Scratching his head, Coach Lods placed his hands on his hips and left wondering how he plans to fix his team after another heartbreaking game.



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