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1 year ago

IT’S A GAME OF INCHES: Hayes Varsity Baseball Team Making Positive Strides

By Danny Torres ‘84

Photo Credit: Luis González 

BRONX – I really enjoy inspirational quotes.  Every day, I receive a text message from Sandy Alomar Sr., a former All-Star infielder who played Major League Baseball for six organizations, a coach for four teams and the proud father of two sons who went on to play in the big leagues.

And one of those sons happened to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2011.

The last name Alomar is synonymous with baseball and if Sandy Alomar Sr. would have caught the last two games of the Hayes’ Varsity team, I’m confident he would be pleased with the progress of some of the players.

And a common term used in baseball – adjustment.

It happened yesterday in the Bronx and this morning in White Plains. Hayes players continue to make some adjustments and the results have showed.

Whether it’s senior Joan Sosa’s superb glove in the infield and impressive hitting, a brilliant catch in the outfield by Stefan Mack ‘18 against St. Raymond, and the confidence shown by Brandon Gonzalez ‘19 on the mound against Archbishop Stepinac, it all seemed to work.

And what about Omar Discua ‘18, who finally showed some offensive life and is swinging the bat with authority. On Saturday, it happened in White Plains and my gut feeling tells me it was the dirty uniform he played in from the previous game.

There’s even the emergence of some younger Hayes talent who may feel frustrated with the consecutive defeats but that’s part of the game. There are good times and bad.

The game is mental. Just keep playing. Keep thinking positive and try not to forget it’s only a game.

At this juncture, the Hayes varsity players need to disregard any numbers and focus on what needs continued improvements.

Every ballplayer has various superstitions so if it worked, let’s just hope Discua will spray his favorite cologne and wear some strong deodorant every single game.

As the late Branch Rickey, former executive of the Brooklyn Dodgers who was responsible for breaking Major League Baseball’s color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson once said, “Baseball is a game of inches.”

There’s 60 feet – 6 inches, 90 feet, and 17 inches. There’s 3-0, 11-3, and even that infamous no-hitter. But, there’s one number every Hayes player should be extremely proud of – the cardinal and gold number on the front and back of their Adidas uniform.

As I mentioned above, I truly enjoy reading quotes and this particular one arrived on my phone a few days ago:

“Challenges make you more responsible. Always remember that without struggle is a life without success. Don’t give up and learn not to quit.”  - Sandy Alomar Sr.

The above words and numbers on the back of every uniform make perfect sense for the 2018 Hayes varsity baseball team.





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