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1 year ago

THANKS HAYES: Receiving My "H" at the Cardinal Hayes Basketball Sports Award Dinner

Toyloy Brown III ‘18

BRONX- “A perfect dinner for me is being with people I really want to be with. It starts and stops with my company and my family.”

These are heartfelt words once spoken by American actress Catherine Bach best known from her iconic role as "Daisy Duke" in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

I couldn’t agree more with those words.

In my case, the perfect dinner was held in the Cardinal Hayes family household.

On April 19 at 6:30pm, Cardinal Hayes High School honored all three levels of basketball at the annual sports award dinner held at the Eastwood Manor. In attendance were the Cardinal Hayes players who participated in 2017-2018 basketball season, familiar faces from the past such as the former Hayes point guard Clive Allen ‘16, members of Cardinal Hayes’ administration, the Cardinal Hayes Board of Trustees, and of course the parents of these great student-athletes who were being recognized that evening.

After the opening prayer from Father Joseph Tierney, the school president and the welcoming remarks from Mr. Dennis O’Donnell, Hayes’ Athletic Director, the coaches from each level presented the “H” letters to their players. After the letters were presented, the dinner reception commenced and there was plenty of food for everyone to eat and enjoy. Before the closing remarks from the school principal, Mr. William D. Lessa, special trophies were presented to select players who exemplified a certain level of dedication on the court and inside the classroom.

While there were numerous awards and trophies being presented to more than deserving athletes, there was one surprise award presented to the only non-member of the Cardinal Hayes basketball team.

“Toyloy please come up.”

I was called to the dais by Mr. O’Donnell who introduced me to those in attendance as the “preeminent sports writer of Cardinal Hayes.” That night, I became the first-ever to receive a Cardinal Hayes letter without being a player, assistant or manager of the basketball team. I was truly honored, thankful and appreciative by the acknowledgement.  With my father present, it was one of the most rewarding nights I have ever had as a "Hayesman" and one that I won’t ever forget.

As I write my final article for, I remember the nerves I felt as a sophomore when I covered my first game as a sports writer. Throughout the years, I have covered the highs and the lows of Hayes athletics program. At times it was rough, but the elation I felt when covering our exciting victories (including a Hayes' "AA" championship) definitely outweighed the lows of heartbreaking defeats.

Now it is time for my next step and a new challenge in my sports journey.  I look forward to attending Quinnipiac University in Connecticut in the Fall of 2018 to acquire the necessary knowledge and invaluable skills to earn a degree in sports journalism. Until next time Hayes, you haven't heard the last from me yet.

Thanks Hayes.

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